What is Turbo mode?

Turbo mode (formerly known as Battle mode) keeps your GPS on (even if you hit the “Home button”) it prompts the app to collect more wifi and signal readings and at greater accuracy. It really helps us get a lot more data, but be warned like anything that uses your GPS it also uses your battery.

We’re in the process of setting up an accounts system so people can compete to collect the most number of wifi/signal readings. That’s why this option is called “Battle mode”.  It’s also inspired by the art of “wardriving“. We’re also looking to set up a web console with personalised analytics – signal readings and maps for your device or devices.

There will be a high scores list for wifi and cells. This is exciting, trust me!

At the moment this system is in private beta (or maybe gamma?). I’ve found that competing with the other guys working on Open Signal Maps to pick up the largest number of wifi routers and cell towers has got me away from my computer a lot more than normal. Sometimes being geeky can be healthy.

6 Responses to What is Turbo mode?

  1. jon says:

    How about an option to keep turbo mode on whenever the phone is being charged? That would be a reasonable default.

  2. Al says:

    Great Idea! I would be more than happy to help you test these features.

  3. Robert says:

    I’m with jon, my original Droid will just drain out too fast with the GPS on, but I often will plug it into power in my car. I wouldn’t mind having it in Turbo mode when it’s plugged in. I know darned well that if I turn it on, that I’m not going to remember to turn it off when I get to where I’m going, and a dead battery when you need your phone isn’t a great inducement to using that feature….

    • Charles Brandenburg says:

      I agree, that Turbo Mode, with GPS Data Collection, is fine and good, while driving, with the phone plugged in. That typically only find’s Tower’s, near by the Road’s though. There are a lot of Tower’s placed on High Ground, on top of Jill’s, and Mountain’s, for greater penetration, in low lying area’s. Some of these Rural Tower’s, can only be found, by hiking to them.

  4. rage says:

    Im running OSM v 1.06, it appaently lacks the option of turbo mode – is this a glitch as Im running a homebrew version of gingerbread; has it been renamed something else or removed completely in this version?

    Turbo mode doesnt bother me; – 3500 mAh 3rd party ebay batteries ftw :-)

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