Why is the website map not showing towers I have found?

Some particularly keen users of Open Signal Maps app and website have noticed that there are towers visible on the app that are not yet appearing on the website. This is because we’re currently refining our server processes and are not regularly updating our website maps.

We’re currently working on a scaleable system that will allow us to update maps frequently (daily or more often) and continue growing in number of users.

The new system will also add a lot of functionality to our website, so it should be worth the wait.

2 Responses to Why is the website map not showing towers I have found?

  1. Charles Brandenburg says:

    Even on your Android Mobile App, for http://WWW.OpenSignalMaps.com, doesn’t even list many of the Cell Tower’s, or Heat Map, Coverage Area, for my Region, in my Current Home Town of Cheney, Washington, 99004. I’m currently on AT&T, on a 4G Smartphone. There are no AT&T Cell Tower’s, anywhere close to me, yet my Cellphone still work’s, in town, but is spotty elsewhere. I’m not even getting 4G Signal. It’s dissapointing when I can’t even use this Device’s full capabilitie’s, VIA 4G, where I live.

  2. TJC1961 says:

    Is it possible to make it so you can hide the key on the web page when it shows the tower?

    Also can you add a function so the operators can be selected and hence shown on a 1 by 1 basis i.e. Vodafone and o2…or VF/o2 and EE etc..

    Also why have you limited the number of installations to 100.

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