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An app that stands out from the crowd by quite some way.... Imagine being able to work out which mobile carrier was best for you based on where you are, in real time? OpenSignalMaps does just that.

OpenSignalMaps crowdsources cell phone signal strength in real time so you can see where you can expect service to drop and where is best to take that call.

Finally, you'll get a real answer to why those calls keep dropping when you pass through certain areas.

Interesting and useful... Mobile users can work together to create crowdsourced maps that show how well wireless networks really perform in specific locations.

Coverage is one of the biggest issues for consumers, according to regulator Ofcom... OpenSignalMaps is a project to map mobile signal strength globally.

A resource that is truly useful… OpenSignal should be applauded.

OpenSignal has access to some very valuable data.

Your compass to the best networks.

Accurate data about the strength of the mobile and wifi signal.

Open Signal can help you make the right connections.

The first-ever realtime map of accurate cell phone coverage data.