San Francisco Network Speed Comparison Report – Verizon 4G takes crown

Over the course of a sunny day in April, the OpenSignalMaps team did over 550 speed tests across all the major cellular networks.  Each test measured the download speed, upload speed and the ping (a measure of network responsivity) of each network.  Today we are releasing the results of the report

Verizon’s brand new 4G network, using state of the art LTE technology, has taken the top spot, and by quite a margin too.  The network is blazingly fast and is leading all other networks by a significant margin.  Being brand new, Verizon 4G clearly benefits from having fewer users, so there is a question as to how well these reported speeds will hold up over time.  We will of course be monitoring this in future reports, so stay tuned.

T-mobile has shown up with the poorest performance.  Their 3G network performed dismally, but their “4G” HSPA+ network was reasonable.  However, it is clear that there are huge differences between what the networks are referring to as “4G” as it is still orders of magnitude weaker than Verizon’s offering.

Read all the results in the report right here: San Francisco Speed Test Report

You may also be interested in our South By South West report where we monitored network performance in realtime at the conference: SWSX Network Comparison Report

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