New OpenSignal live wallpaper: know your signal strength

Your phone signal is important, so why is it that the signal strength bars are tiny?

The Nexus 6 has a screen of 1440×2560 pixels, the signal bars and technology indicator (that text that says “4G”, if you’re lucky) take up about 64×64 pixels, around 0.1% of your screen. 1/10th of 1 percent – that’s a doghouse size of screen real estate, surely it should be more like a helipad.

To fix this we’ve added live wallpaper to our Android app, here’s how to get it:

  • 1. Download or update OpenSignal, long click on your home screen, select live wallpaper and then locate OpenSignal. This is how you add any kind of live wallpaper.
  • 2. The screen will change colour according to signal strength in technology.
  • 3. Done.
Red = Alert = No signal

Red = Alert = No signal

Blue = Brilliant = LTE

Blue = Brilliant = LTE

The signal changes colour as below:

  • Blue – Best – 4G, the brighter & bluer the better
  • Green – Good – 3G, again the brighter the green, the better
  • Orange/yellow – OK – 2G, yellow means better, stronger signal than orange, because orange
    is close to red
  • Red – Alert! you’re out of service

Green = Good = 3G

Green = Good = 3G

Orange - yellow = OK = 2G

Orange – yellow = OK = 2G

We love it and we’re not alone – since starting roll out 2 days ago, it’s already in the top 100 live wallpaper apps in 96 countries. So try it out!

But … I can’t get rid off my wallpaper of my wife/husband/cat/favourite 16th century philosopher. If wallpaper doesn’t work, don’t forget OpenSignal provides a signal widget and lost signal notifications.

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