Claro Brazil leads the medal count in OpenSignal’s Olympics

The Rio Olympics may be over, but OpenSignal still has a few medals to award. In our first look at Brazil’s mobile networks after the chaos of the games, we found that Brazil’s five major operators all represented their country well, but there was one operator that wound up on top of the medal podium more than others. That operator was Claro.

Photo courtesy of the IOC

Photo courtesy of the IOC

In OpenSignal’s State of Mobile Networks for Brazil, released today, Claro won all three of our speed awards, an impressive feat considering Vivo dominated those categories in our July report. Claro, however, was one of the Olympic sponsors, and it made quite the fuss about making the Rio games the most connected Olympics history. It seems to have backed up those claims with some big capacity and speed upgrades to its LTE network. In our last report (which covered February through April), Claro’s LTE download speed average was 2 Mbps below the global 4G average in our measurements. In this report, though, our tests (conducted between September and November) show Claro’s LTE download speed at 27.5 Mbps, 10 Mbps faster than the global 4G average. Claro ranked highest in 3G speed and overall speed as well.

The other operators didn’t leave the OpenSignal games empty handed. Oi and Nextel split our latency medals, while Telecom Italia Mobile had the best 4G availability in our measurements. Though Vivo didn’t win the gold any of our categories, it took silver in several, including 4G availability, 4G speed and overall speed.

Overall, we’re starting to some fast 4G networks emerge in Brazil, but one area in which Brazilian operators still lag is 4G availability. No operator was able to deliver an LTE connection more than 60% of the time in our measurements, and our testers were able to find a LTE signal on Claro and Oi less than 50% of the time. Brazil’s 4G networks are getting faster, but operators clearly need to work on expanding 4G’s reach.

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