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Understanding mobile experience in the growth continent of Africa

Across Africa, the download speeds experienced by smartphone users vary greatly, even for countries with similar 4G availability. While users in South Africa, Morocco, Senegal and Kenya connect to 4G signals on average between 72% and 75% of the time, … Continue reading

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Benin joins the 4G club

West Africa’s Benin has become the newest country to roll out 4G services. According to TeleGeography, Benin Telecoms has started selling LTE modem and smartphone plans in the capital Porto-Novo and four other cities and plans to extend service to … Continue reading

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Orange gets into the electricity business in Africa

Orange already sells mobile service in countries across Africa, but now it plans to try its hand at selling another essential service to people on that continent: electricity. Orange has partnered with fellow French company Engie to build out power … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Project Loon

This weekend Google announced the existence of Project Loon, a network of high-altitude balloons floating through the stratosphere bringing the Internet to previously unconnected households. Initially the project will trial in New Zealand, with 50 households connected – but Google … Continue reading

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Wifi in the Sky

Google’s ISP ambitions have branched out into even more exciting areas.  After the success of the first wave of Google Fiber, Google is rumoured to be trialling an even more ambitious service in Africa– Wi-Fi provision making use of white … Continue reading

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Africa’s Mobile Explosion

Guest Post by Simon Andersson, development economist. Where is mobile phone coverage most important? If we accept the idea that the importance of mobile technology can only be properly understood as relative to other levels of infrastructure development, then the … Continue reading

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