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With new models, Apple will raise mobile network speeds

In 2018, Apple is on the “speed” or “S” year in its normal two-year iPhone update cycle: Apple usually launches a new iPhone design one year, then the next year it keeps the exterior design the same but updates the … Continue reading

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With Firefox OS dead, is there still hope for a Linux smartphone?

Someday a third mobile operating system may gain enough traction to challenge the Android and Apple’s dominance of the smartphone market, but it won’t be Firefox OS. At its developer conference on Wednesday, Mozilla revealed it was pulling the plug … Continue reading

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Android’s fragmentation is creating a lot of security holes

This summer OpenSignal published its Android Fragmentation report, finding that there are more than 24,000 distinct types of Android devices by more than 1,000 distinct brands in the market today. That kind of differentiation was bound to produce problems in … Continue reading

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Android Fragmentation 2015

The world Android lives in is a confusing jungle. Today we released our annual report on Android Fragmentation, which takes a look at the complex variety of devices that developers have to build for. This complexity is both good and … Continue reading

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WifiMapper and the wonders of data collection

If you’re already enjoying of WifiMapper on your phone, you might know that it is the world’s largest Wi-Fi community – of which you are now part! Indeed, WifiMapper is powered by a database of more than 650 millions Wi-Fi … Continue reading

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WifiMapper for Android

Two months ago we released WifiMapper for iOS – an app to help people find free Wi-Fi anywhere in the world, based on our crowdsourced library of over 500 million Wi-Fi hotspots. WifiMapper was a huge success, with over 100k downloads … Continue reading

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Mobile Sensor Networks: Creating a Social Laboratory

What is a smartphone? That seems like a simple question. On one level a smartphone is a communication device that allows people to communicate with each other, either by text or call, or over the Internet. The focus is always on … Continue reading

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We built an Android Arduino Cake

Yesterday we hit 5 Million downloads of the OpenSignal Android app, naturally a cause for celebration. Celebrating, to our minds, = cake, but we wanted this cake to be different, to be really appropriate for the occasion. Sure we could … Continue reading

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Which is the second most popular operating system in Latin America?

Ok – we’ve got a question for you. What’s the second most popular operating system in Latin America? As the roulette wheel of your brain spins between iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and (maybe?) Symbian, we’ll go and make a cup … Continue reading

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The 10 strangest named Android devices

This afternoon we published a report into the positive and negative sides of Android fragmentation. In total we saw 11,898 distinct devices (compared with last year’s number of 3,997), with 47.5% of them being Samsung-made. One of our favourite things … Continue reading

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