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Android’s fragmentation is creating a lot of security holes

This summer OpenSignal published its Android Fragmentation report, finding that there are more than 24,000 distinct types of Android devices by more than 1,000 distinct brands in the market today. That kind of differentiation was bound to produce problems in … Continue reading

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Digicel holds Google, Facebook ads hostage

If Google and Facebook are really so keen on connecting the developing world to the Internet, then they should share their mobile revenues with the operators doing the actual connecting – at least that’s the stance of Denis O’Brien, the … Continue reading

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The (slight) rise of _nomap

In 2010, Google streetview cars were found to be collecting data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in 30 countries worldwide. The German privacy regulator described the issue as ‘one of the biggest known data protection violations in history’, and the scandal … Continue reading

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State of US Wi-Fi Report

One of the many interesting datasets collected from users of the OpenSignal app is a large volume of Wi-Fi speed tests. Until now we have rarely looked at our Wi-Fi data for reports or blog posts, but since Wi-Fi is … Continue reading

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Android Fragmentation: why it matters (and also doesn’t)

It has been almost a month since we published our report on Android Fragmentation – and the responses to it have been almost overwhelming. The report was liked 4,000 times on Facebook, generated almost 3,500 tweets and was given great … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Project Loon

This weekend Google announced the existence of Project Loon, a network of high-altitude balloons floating through the stratosphere bringing the Internet to previously unconnected households. Initially the project will trial in New Zealand, with 50 households connected – but Google … Continue reading

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Wifi in the Sky

Google’s ISP ambitions have branched out into even more exciting areas.  After the success of the first wave of Google Fiber, Google is rumoured to be trialling an even more ambitious service in Africa– Wi-Fi provision making use of white … Continue reading

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What Google Activity Recognition means for apps

There is no shortage of sensors on smart-phones – most devices have a lightmeter, magnetometer, three-axis-accelerometer and sensors for location (GPS, cellular/wifi radio). While it’s relatively easy for developers to access, for example, raw accelerometer data, it can be difficult … Continue reading

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Using Big Data

While signal testing my way through Omaha a friend in Kansas City, Missouri got in touch and let me know about KC’s City Camp (Un)Conference, happening that weekend at the Kauffman Foundation. She knew I would be in town and … Continue reading

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What Consumers Want

What is it that people look for when buying a phone? Based on a recent study done by Compete and Google it appears that what chiefly matters to people is the device they are getting and how much they are … Continue reading

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