About OpenSignal : Mission

Understanding the world's wireless networks

With your help, we're creating a comprehensive database of cell phone towers, cell phone signal strength readings, and Wi-Fi access points around the world. Our goal is to become the global authority on wireless networks.

On this website we provide visualizations and analysis based on the data we've collected, including cellular coverage maps that show exactly how strong signal is in any particular area, as well as all the nearby towers for your carrier. Take a look around, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

Where does the data for our map come from?

The data is collected by users of our Android and iPhone apps. This data is stripped of any identifying information, and uploaded to our servers, taking care to use as little processing power and battery life as possible. We make this information openly available on this website, and provide a graphical interface to enable you to make sense of the raw data.

Our pledge

In return for users submitting their signal strength data, we pledge to generate a coverage map and make it available for anyone around the world to view, for free, at any time! We also have an API you can use to analyze the data in your own applications.

We need your help!

Please help us on our mission to map cell phone signal around the globe! Download our Android or iPhone application, and not only will you be able to view nearby towers and signal information, but the application will automatically upload this information to our servers and help us keep our coverage maps and tower locations up to date.