OpenSignal for Android

Take Control of your Signal

OpenSignal is an app which helps you get the best out of your phone by making sure you're always well connected. The app helps you get better signal, find nearby Wi-Fi networks and keep track of your usage.


Your home screen, where all information about your current connection and how to improve your signal is located

  • The advanced tab shows you detailed information about your connection
  • The compass points you in the direction of better signal
  • Click here to see how fast your data connection is
  • Shows local Wi-FI networks on a map

Coverage Maps

The coverage map is our impartial guide to how carriers are performing, both in terms of coverage and speed

  • The deeper the red, the better the signal is
  • Clicking on Network Rank allows you to compare between carriers over the selected area of the map

My Stats

The My Stats tab helps you keep track of your data, voice and text usage so you don't go over your monthly limit

  • Easily keep track of your monthly usage
  • See how your network has worked for you

Speed Test

See how fast your cellular or Wi-Fi connection is by running a speed test, useful for checking your network speed

  • The speed of your connection
  • Click here to run the speed test
  • A star rating for your connection's capability to support browsing the web, video and VOIP

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