OpenSignal for iPhone

The OpenSignal iPhone App

Find better signal. Locate nearby Wi-Fi networks. Test your connection.
OpenSignal helps you get the most out of your phone.

Improve Your Signal

Our multi-purpose dashboard shows you at a glance the quality of your data and voice connection and our signal compass tells you which direction to walk in if you're experiencing problems.

Find Free Wi-Fi

Our map of Wi-Fi networks means you'll always be able to find a hotspot, and our colour-coded recommendation system helps you to separate the free access points from the paid ones.

Compare Networks

See our impartial maps of carrier coverage and use our NetworkRank service to compare the perfomance of different cellular networks in your area.

Test Your Speed

Run a Speed Test to see how fast your current Wi-Fi or cellular connection is. You can share your results over Twitter and Facebook or view a history of your personal Speed Test results.

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