OpenSignal Insights

Understand the true customer experience

Whilst existing methods attempt to simulate the mobile customer experience, OpenSignal directly measures the the real world experience on end user devices.  Insights provides:

  • The true end-to-end customer experience.
  • Detailed competitive benchmarking.
  • Performance KPIs and qualitative feedback.

OpenSignal customers include

Barclays and Telefonica

How it works

We have a global network of over 1.5M users who submit billions of real world data points on their mobile experience.

We analyze this huge data set to extract the key insights operators need to understand the experience on their network and their competitors and deliver them in an easy to digest quarterly report.

How it works
Opensignal comparison table

How Insights Compares

Forget lab testing or drive test simulations - only by being on the device during every day usage can you understand the true end-to-end user experience.

In addition to network KPIs such as coverage and throughput, OpenSignal also analyzes aggregated usage behavior and qualitative user feedback so we can help operators identify what matters most to their customers.

" OpenSignal are positioned to open a direct window into the mobile customer experience "
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